BMC Servers. About Us.

BMC Servers is a dedicated hosting and consulting agency. Since its inception, BMC Servers has been providing fast, dependable and affordable dedicated hosting solutions for businesses. By doing all of the comparisons for you, we ensure you have the direction and support needed for your business to thrive and bloom. 


We are on a mission to continually deliver reliable hosting offers and unrivaled technical support for newbie or pro web developers and customers to inevitably help you grow or expand your business. Our success is attributed to our attention to excellent service delivery and customer support, affordability and dependability of our services. Our ultimate goal is to become a leading dedicated servers comparison webpage in the market.  


Why We Came Into Existence

BMC servers came into existence to help clients, customers and the entire hosting community to grow by taking advantage of the best available hosting deals and services. For over 10 years we have witnessed the speed of growth of the web hosting market.

We understand that there are thousands of hosting service providers and picking one is no easy task. All of them promise to offer the same things: 99.99% uptime, unlimited bandwidth, unbreakable hardware, 24/7 support and of course unbeatable price, but fail to deliver on their promises. We came into existence to offer you services that specifically suit your needs, business and project.

Why Choose Us?

BMC Servers has an excellent track record of transparency, competence, dependability and excellent service delivery. We go over and beyond to ensure we understand your needs and overshoot them.

Not too sure of what services would suit you or your business? Not to worry as we will walk you through the process and ensure we select the most suitable option for you at the most affordable rate. When you do business with us, you are also guaranteed a better price, free trials, discounts and future promotions. Hiring us guarantees you more bang for your bucks!